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RE: Thru-hiking Skógar to Leirubakki: the longest marked trek in Iceland

in #iceland8 months ago (edited)

Wow. This is the best post about Iceland I have ever seen on Steem (and probably elsewere in the cyber space too). Epic hike and stunning landscape shots. Oustanding travel report. You could have added the #travelfeed tag so that the whole travel community of Steem could enjoy it.


Didn't know #travelfeed. Updated the post to include it as a sixth tag. @steempeak allows up to 10, but perhaps other browsers will like cut off at five?

Yeah, probably. I think it is actually too late anyway. #travelfeed has a great team of curators who manually go through all posts with the tag and upvote and resteem the best ones of the day (and yours was published yesterday). I am 100% sure they would reward and resteemed this post as it really is an oustanding piece of travel blogging. But no worries, you will use it next time ;)