Top 5 Things To Do In Iceland

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1 - Visit The Black Sand Beach In Vik Iceland

Visiting the black sand beach in Vik is definitely a must. The sand is crushed lava rock formed when it reaches the frigid ocean. A beautiful beach to visit, but not where I chose to sun tan. Half way down the beach is a large vaulted cavern called Hálsanefeshellir (obviously really easy to pronounce). To read my full post on Vik Iceland

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2 - Take A Tour Of Glacier Lagoon

The glaciers in Iceland are UNREAL! Some of the best are only 2 hours past Vik. I couldn’t help but think that one of these guys sunk the titanic.

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3 - Soak In Geothermal Hot Springs

Blue Lagoon is deservedly Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction. It is basically a football field sized hot tub that is powered by hot water shooting up from the center of the earth. It is an awesome sight and super relaxing in the cold. Don’t worry, the hot spring even goes inside so you can get back into the locker room without having to be out in the cold.

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4 - Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss is Iceland’s most famous waterfall. The pictures can’t show just how big this waterfall really is. The water is glacier runoff, and ultimately flows into the ocean.

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5 - Take A Tour Of The Crystal Caves

Sometimes called Crystal Caves, the ice caves inside Iceland’s glaciers are a truly remarkable wonder of nature. They are hard to get good pictures of, but your eyes will be able to take in an amazing view.


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I went to Gullfoss, that was impressive. We went on a small guided tour and what impressed me the most was how each part of the landscape has a mythological story associated to it from the old Viking tales. The tour guide told us that the heritage of Iceland is in its stories, that they are its monuments.

Gullfoss is just wonderful! You are absolutely right!

Wow.. it looks really Beautiful.. what's the BEST time to visit Iceland ? Great post!

The best travel time for a flight to Iceland is: now. Why? No matter whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the largest volcanic island in the world has much to offer its visitors in every season of the year.

Thanks for the travel tip.