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Free time between my brother and I finally coincided and last night was my first night in his new ice shack. Usually the main goal in ice fishing is, well, you guessed it, to catch fish! I have never had good luck ice fishing in all my years. So I have conceded the far chance that I will ever catch a fish on a frozen lake. So instead, I relish the time spent with my brother and soak up as much of the beauty I can that this time of year in Minnesota has to offer.



We were out there for about 3-4 hours and spoiler alert, I didn't catch a fish. I had a bite and so did my brother, but both of us came up empty. Regardless of our fish misfortune, I was still able to capture some amazingly beautiful pictures of the ice, lake, moon, sunset, and distant night sky showing all the airplanes coming and going out of MSP.






Fish or no fish, getting out on the frozen lake to chill with my brother is time well spent in my book.

Have you ever ice fished?
Hope you enjoyed the photos, Steem on!

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I don't think my brother had any. The shack has 6 places for holes, he drilled out 4 of them, dropped down two fishing lines closest to the couch area and the other two we dropped in the vexilar lines. Ambitious we weren't, haha.
You fish?

Incredible images, especially the nocturnal one. I have never icefished. It looks like risky business. Are there reports available about how thick the ice is, or is it just knowledge of the area?
I have fished with nets, with hooks and with bare hands. That's the most exciting one. Of course, small fish and shrimps in rivers


There are reports about how thick the ice is. Also there are precautions when first getting on the ice with your vehicle. Roll down the windows (some people even open their door) and secondly unbuckle your seat belt. It's comforting seeing big multi ton trucks out there before you even go out in your car :)

I haven't fished with a net nor my bare hands, which definitely sounds fun yet terrifying.

The last picture is my favorite too!

Was up at Lake of the Woods a few years back and caught eel pout, sauger, and walleye. It was a great haul!


Lake of the woods is beautiful! I’ve never ice fished up there, but I know the night sky is magnificent. The fishing tends to get better the more north you go too, so I can imagine you did have a nice haul. Never caught an eel pout but I know they have a weekend festival in their name on some lake up north.


Eel Pout Fest in Walker, MN


That's the one!

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