Start Mining for $500 per Coin: Ice Network Blockhain

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The official launch of ice Network, a decentralized social crypto project with the goal of fostering community, trust, and transparency in the financial system, has been set for April 4, 2023, at 04:04 GMT+4. Ice Network seeks to transform the world of decentralized networks and digital currencies with a distinctive combination of features and guiding ideas.

The incentive system that honors users who contribute to the expansion and development of the network is one of ice Network's primary characteristics. In contrast to previous crypto currency projects, ice Network compensates users who actively participate in the network with cutting-edge features like Slashing, Day Off, Bonuses, and Resurrection.
Get the app and start mining.

Ice Network community is growing so fast that's why hashrate mining is very fast, and could be $500 per coin. code: zdigital


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