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Don't let your or anyone else's ego get in the way of creating the content you care about. :) Hope you enjoy the video. #ICare

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Greetings, Captain Bob

Really man, sometimes I've stopped to wonder if the content I create (usually involves my degree in psychology) is interesting to others. I imagine that many people do not like it, but I also know that a speech of mine can make someone feel better or reflect on life and improve on what she wants, or learn something related to the psychological part such as thinking and emotions for example. So I will always create this content, even though I know it does not please everyone !!!!

thank ytou and have a good day!


Thanks for the comment @julisavio and I would encourage you to keep creating. You just could be making all the difference in the life of someone. Even if it touches just one person, what a great service you've already done then.

Thank you for sharing this big moment in her life with us!

I am almost speechless by the emotionality of the ceremony and the scenes you cutted together with so many smiling and happy people and the winner herself!

You did a good job and your messagewithin the intro was really really motivating, inspiring and eye-opening. Thank you sir


Thank you @tibfox. Glad it was motivating. Keep creating and doing your thing. Onward and upward my friend.

what a powerful message, this is the first dtube video to bring a tear to my eye. What a wonderful, strong and inspiring woman. And the message in this video really hits home. My grandad has cancer and its these moments of people, family, friends coming together that helps these strong people fight back. Thank you so much for sharing this, you are truly an amazing & kind human being and I feel privileged to be able to meet you and connect with you in person at SF3.


Thanks buddy. Be present for as many of those moments as you can spare. It really does make a difference. I'm excited about SF3 man! Can't wait to spend some time getting to know each and everyone better.

This is an awesome video. Very touching and inspiring. I know the two of us create entirely different videos but the passion is the same. I create my videos because I enjoy them, I put a lot of effort into them and also my son really enjoys watching them which keeps me going.

I typically don't comment on videos much when I watch them, on here or Youtube, I never have but I do find that after a hard day of life that sometimes watching a video cheers me right up. I know that a lot of people say that they watch videos to escape reality and that it helps them pull through hard times, afterall Youtube is a big success for a reason, the power of watching videos is real. So eventhough you dont realise it, you could be helping someone get through their day. You could be saving them, that's enough for me.

I never let anyone's negative opinion of me or what I do ever affect me because it never matters .


Thanks man. I appreciate the comments. I agree that we never know who is going to be affected by the content that we create. Keep creating, keep pushing upload, and enjoy what you do. It truly is all that matters!

That is really awesome to see so many people getting together for that. Really touching.


Yes the hospital said it might have been the largest gathering for a bell ringing they have had since doing it. Cool to see. Also worth noting that before all this, Sandra really didn't care for hugs....that's changing a bit now ;)

You make a very good. I think most of us care that do this and do it with passion and purpose.


Good point I meant to say.

Great video. F*** Cancer.


Thanks man. Appreciate you watching as always.

Thank you.


You're welcome.

that. was. awesome.

congrats to sandra for kicking butt!!!

what a great video and message man. thank you for this.

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Thank you Jon! That means a lot. Appreciate you watching and following along.

That was touching. One of our brides just passed away from cancer. And the last wedding I did, the grooms mom passed away from it. These little things do matter. People do care.

Amazing cap.


Thanks Vince. Cancer is a terrible disease and it can affect everyone regardless of our circumstances. I continue to believe that people do indeed care.



Fantastic video @captainbob. Very powerful and I'm glad that Sandra wanted you to share it. Thank you for uploading it and congratulations to Sandra!


Thank you and I'll pass along the congrats to her. Thanks for taking a minute to watch it. Much appreciated.

For a moment, i am totally speechless, watched this 3 times, A heart touching. I am a medical student i know this disease. Its a very tuff situation during chemo.
Thanks for share this dear @captainbob as well as your message.
Wish her best of luck & also happy birthday


Thank you my friend for the kind words.

Wow. So powerful. Thanks for this Cap'n. You truly do rock.


Thanks @camuel! Appreciate you watching and following along!

To be Honest I was Smiling as well for the celebration of hers in the Party and liked her little speech though :)

She sure was strong all the way. Two big Things on one day.

Late but Happy Birthday to you Sandra.

Thanks for sharing the moments @captainbob


Thank you! Appreciate the comment and sharing a little bit of time to watch. Much appreciated.

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring message with us Captain. You are really an awesome person with a kind heated soul (do you say that) you give so much to the world and you get so much back (good karma)

Winny out... for now 😉


Thanks Winny. I appreciate the compliment and that you watched. Thanks for giving me a slice of your time ;)

Mind touch speech. Thanks for share with us.
By the way-
Happy Birthday to you Sandra.

Great video, good content.. Keep it up @captainbob

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Hello @captainbob. Happy birthday for your friend
I see and felt the love surrounded in her .

Thank you for your humbleness and for sharing this important day of Sandra. It left tears in my eyes ... Yes your definitely right . What most important is WE CARE.
Happy Birthday to Sandra wish her to surpass this big obstacle in her life and Good health .

Now I understand your profile photo. You have got nice blue eyes.

By the way happy birthday to Sandra and congratulations on her last chemo.

Nice for doing this video for us. It is so touching. Inspiring and definitely passes the message 'ICare'.

Yes I agree we need to care for our own videos before others care. :)

And all those people around Sandra's are just amazing.