I am WizardZap! You must feel the free Upvotes flow through you..

in ibt •  3 months ago

My power grows, so does the power of my upvote.

I upvote all those who play IBT with my upvotey magicZ!.

My master @lordnigel works hard to unlocks new potential spells and capabilities while I sleep and await the worthy players to summon me.

Stay strong in these difficult times my Steemian friends... I have more important messages to come.

See you at the next IBT!

Special thanks to @artlover for our book of the dead animation and @spaceginger for our original IBT graphic.

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Love you @wizardzap



i sent you 0.01 steem for ibt awhile back but didn't get it



Available credits: 3
Player total XP is:204
Your progress to the next level: 204/300

wizardzap Lvl1 Vs. Azrael Lvl0

...Battle in progress, chance of success is:55%


You won the fight!
Attacker XP gained: 46
Defender XP gained: 0