IBT Survival Island - Playable demo time - it is time to release!!

in #ibt4 years ago

...Well here is a bit of good news - it's time for our next demo and this time its a playable demo to test our in game building system, woo hoo!!

In this demo we are asking testers to explore the island and trial the building interface. There will be more demo's coming more frequently now - although this demo is ready, packaging is currently causing us some issues. So stay tuned - over the next couple of days something will pop in our discord channel and we will provide download and test instructions shortly.

As per last time anyone downloading and trialing the demo will be allocated additional reserved tokens for the eventual SMT release and will receive support in the form of upvotes for their immediate Steem social media activities.

Oh, one last thing - The steem bot, is also being worked on and I'm going to change directions a little on how it upvotes and what it upvotes by adding a level of curation checking to be sure we are supporting quality steem activities. I'll share what I come up with when I can, until such time V1 of the bot will keep running (I have disabled the comment part for a bit while I work on this) - I really hope people enjoy the benefits of being in the community and hang in there, things are really picking up now :)

All are welcome in our community discord channel -  here  is  the invite link: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T  


Looks cool, mate. I'll keep an eye on the discord channel :)

Thanks Matt - who would have thought packaging the thing would cause so much trouble. Anyways not long :)

Grats on the playable demo! The building system will be a key part of the game i'm sure, best of luck with testing.

Cheers @battlegames

Dear @ibt-survival, @lordnigel

What do you mean by ' packaging is currently causing us some issues.'?

Excited to see another solid project build on top of steem blockchain :)

Based on my understanding, you're planning to reward those who participate in your project with IBT SMT token? I like this concept.

Let's say that together with few guys from @project.hope - we would like to get involved and help you out with beta testing and "spreading the word". Who should I talk to? I already joined your discord channel.

Cheers, Piotr

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