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 Welcome to a fresh update on our Educational PC Game Development - IBT Survival Island. 

The is an actual in game image of IBT Survival Island - under construction - 

This week has been about learning volumes and volumetric fogs. After learning these new techniques there is a chance that you may even be able to not be just restricted to land. but could possibly be able to fish underwater also! look at that pretty fishy!!!

It turned out way better than expected and really was not very difficult to learn. Though, the game is really about being on an island.... Still wish fishy's now in game you can guess what happens if you swim out too deep. 

If your not sure, just search the internet for  "Australian waters and sharks!"

We have made good progress in sorting the bugs in packaging and the closed test is coming - literally we just need to break the game up into logical chunks to focus our testers - keeping in mind the game just keeps getting bigger and better and bugs are still being fixed, we must find a way to get it out in pieces. It's hard to put a time-frame on this, each piece has to be pretty close to bug less or we aren't max use of our testers time...anyways as life keeps getting in the way its hard to pin down timings outside to say again...its soon :)

In the meantime our community bot is up and running, I will keep on powering it up as time permits, until next time enjoy the free upvotes :)

Feel free to join up our discord chat, drop us a message or  just introduce yourself and watch as it develops.  Get involved and get  free reserved tokens and benefits. For those who missed it, here is the first general invite link: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T  

All are welcome, Steem on!! 


Man, that does look pretty. I wonder if you could include minnows, dolphins, orcas and whales in the sea, just to keep it Steem related? (I am just kidding for now, I know this would be a lot of extra programming).

While I am impatient to start testing the game itself, I'd rather wait and make sure it was mostly bug free before release. The upvotes seem to be working fine as far as I know. I haven't checked them properly yet.

Exciting stuff.

I'm happy with the bot at this point as well - bit more tweaking to go, and need to check its making those steem accounts.

Yep its definitely not a rush job, just wish I had more time to work on it.


Sounds like testing is going well. Hope the bugs weren't as big as some of the local ones! 😉

We'll whack em yet! nothing good comes without challenges.

The graphics look amazing. Good job.
What software are you using to code ?

Cheers! There are a number of software applications used to create the graphics; the game editor putting it all together is Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

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