IBT Survival Island - Character selection work

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We have nearly finished collating and considering feedback from the first group of testers and will likely open up for the wider community now.

In the meantime, work continues on our game and considerable effort has gone towards nailing the character selection process

Depending the character you choose? you will have a different back story and this will impact how you arrive on the island and the missions you may receive.

Work to make the characters as realistic as possible continues, it needs to reach a point where its enough and gives the impact on the player we are looking for.

Moving around the island can have a large impact on performance, tests continue to find the right balance of movement without over taxing the typical home computer.

Those who join our community and participate in testing will be  able to reserve additional tokens, amount and when will be discussed in  our community channel, all are welcome and membership is free - here is  the invite link: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T 

..And that's it for the weeks update! I hope everyone had a good new years, Steemon!!! and see ya next time.


That's looking slick already :D (please pump the arms a bit more with the running)

I'll see how the boys go and if I have time to try to wrangle it working on my rig (right now I'm so lazy crazy busy x_x)

Good point on it! (hehe don't be too crazy, but hard not to in this heat)

Wow his looks really good. I can’t wait to play beyond the menu screen. Lol.
Now that we can see what you can do, it should open up a whole heap of ideas as to future games.
If you get the code right here, some sections of code like the menu screen should be transferable to other games, right?

That is true, but IBT Survival Island is the only game we are working on at the moment and will be for some time - but yeah once something is worked out, it's much easier for us to adjust, reuse and release DLC etc later.

We could release a fully playable game next month, but there is no point unless its at a level we are happy with, to this we don't care if it takes months or years - hopefully by testing in parts, adjusting and moving on it in parts will push us along to a sooner release date (We can settle on some things vs. getting stuck trying to make things perfect)...well that's the plan lol!


The issue will always be motivation. Smaller, bite-sized chunks are the way to go.
Because we can now see what the characters look like, a future DLC could include the likenesses of people who backed the project or as a fund raising option. Something to think about anyway.

Nothing great is easy as they say - A few DLC ideas are brewing :)

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