IBM Makes Another Blockchain Identity Play With Health Data App

in ibm •  4 months ago

  • IBM announced a new partnership with – the developer of the #My31 app, which allows users to receive a title of ownership to their health record data and control whether this data can be listed on the marketplace.

  • Today, the global consent ledger, which records permissions (or lack there of) to the use of someone's data, is built on the IBM Blockchain Platform using Hyperledger Fabric. Moving forward, the two companies will also work with Sovrin.

  • According to Marie Wieck, the general manager of IBM Blockchain, whilst Hu-manity’s app is currently consumer-facing, the companies plan to roll out an enterprise version to corporations from Q1 2019.

  • Richie Etwaru, founder and CEO of Hu-manity: “The partnership with IBM enables private blockchain to create a direct relationship between the crude data provider – the human being – and the buyer of the refined data at the end of the supply chain”.

What do you think?


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Lots of health-related data seems to be making its way to blockchain, which is a great use-case example. While this is good news, I must admit I am not a huge fan of these companies like IBM running private blockchains. This is against the open source nature of blockchain and also promotes centralized power.


Hello there,
I understand your point of view but these companies will not do public Blockchains as they want to protect / take advantage of all of these datas ;).

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