I am introducing my self

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First I am introducing my family and my native country . My name is "Nikhil k Lal" I am living in a Kerala .the Kerala is the one of the major state in the India Kerala also familiar for tourism lot of tourist place located in our state Example kumarokam, idukki, munner,thekkady etc.......
Next I am explain my family thare are 4 member in my family father, mother, sister, grandmother,and me . My father's name is Lalu Jacob he is a farmar my mom is a house wife my mother name is jessy I have a one sister my sister name is Akhila k Lal .she is 9 year old she is studying last I am studying degree .I am choosing BBA(bachilor of business administration) now IAM last year student this is my short profile...PSX_20180516_212816.jpg


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Thank you brother

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