IAGON : the next generations cloud computing system

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What is IAGON?

IAGON is a decentralized, publicly released distributed computing and capacity services stage.
We utilized PC and we numerous information. in any case, in our PC our information isn't anchored. so we require distributed computing services.

Sites and numerous organizations are utilizing a lot of information stockpiling and computing power. They have numerous additional capacity and computing power. They can produce income by its mining power imparting to IAGON. IAGON gives them better rate for sharing their assets. > IAGON aims to build a global super computing grid that will revolutionize the cloud and web services market.

How IAGON will Revolutionizing Cloud Computing & Storage ?


Cloud computing and storage services are presently for all intents and purposes all in the hands of a select number of expansive organizations. Along these lines, you are helpless before these organizations, with regards to security, up-time and valuing.

IAG Token

IAGON needs to offer organizations and people access to a decentralized cloud services stage, on which clients can lease their unused circle space and computational power, in return for IAG tokens. IAGON (Ticker: IAG) tokens will be utilized as cash on this 'cloud services showcase', enabling organizations to pay for cloud storage or potentially cloud computing.

Advance Inteligence

IAGON makes utilization of their own Smart Computer Grid innovation, driven by their A.I.- Tracker, which empowers them to assign assets speedier and more proficient. This can be contrasted with how some other power framework functions, assets are just conveyed to satisfy correct request by customers.

Blockchain and tangle

Both Blockchain and Tangle are utilized by IAGON, Blockchain to keep up genuineness over the distinctive hubs, while Tangle is utilized to scale IAGON.

Cloud Computing

IAGON will probably make cloud computing and huge information storage available to an extensive variety of individuals. The potential outcomes are huge, now cloud computing ends up moderate for various kinds of non-benefit associations, who may have beforehand needed access because of high expenses.

Smart Computer GRID

IAGON is prepared to work in view of their Smart Computing Grid innovation.

images (6).jpeg

The Smart Computing Grid can be contrasted with a power grid. It is the asset designation framework behind IAGON. The Smart Computing Grid executes the accompanying capacities:

  • Manage a network of CPU and storage providers as well as users who need those resources.
  • Determines underused resources and adds them to allocation pool for users to access.
  • Manage the distribution and allocation of CPU and storage.
  • Allows the CPU and storage providers to earn.

IAGON storage service

Intermittently we store our information outside our PC against concealed conditions which can come upon our PCs at whenever, this is called "Cloud storage"

One of these conditions of utilizing the cloud computing is to off-stack the weight of keeping up neighborhood storage services.

Accepting, you need to run a site, there you go purchasing and collecting a server machine and in addition run a committed network access to keep up-time; No more! with IAGON, you can just buy cloud storage services and run the site from some sort of facilitating service.

How can small development teams get benifit from #iagon

Despite the fact that Smaller Development groups has a lower spending plan, they can share their additional computing power and capacity to IAGON. also, they will get a tremendous benefit. It will be extremely useful to expand their financial plan and their Development programs.


Lets see the features of IAGON

  • Decentralized and Secure Cloud Platform
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Decentralized Secure Storage
  • Blockchain / Tangle
  • Integrated DApps
  • Mining
  • Smart Contracts

Finally, I say, " IAGON will change the cloud computing and storage service system "

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