Thx Squirrelnv , Great job I am also brogger on ihub

Thank YOU. Now I can connect the face to the name - or the name to the name. I'm another squirrel on there - SquirrelCage. I was thinking to avoid the deleters - or should I say some "moderators" - we should come here. It's just hard to get IHub onlookers to make the switch or people researching the stock to look for information here.

Yes, I see that you have tried. Originally i was following change and voo but they have are not been around. It would seem cyracadia does not share news often, maybe because they are not a public company. Wish you luck in the new year! Your correct with the new moderators they seem to be vigilante's against stock scams. they picked the wrong company.

I came here for Change's info originally too. There was that Cyrcadia Qtr 3 report that we were all curious to see - plus, the deleting thing was happening at that time too. Well, we'll just put the info wherever we can and that's about all we can do. At least everything positive won't be erased by a handful of people here. Hope and pray that 2019 will just quiet all the doubters. Happy New Year, Muddy Brogger!

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