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I got a message that you mentioned me; I clicked on it, but cannot see my name anywhere. I'm not asking because I mind, but because I am puzzled as to how you managed it.

As for vaccinations:

Have you ever seen or heard of any child of a top globalist, such as Bill Gates, Soros, any royal family child, a Rothschild child get the drift. Heard of any?

I have not.

Which is why I would love to see all their children (even if they are adults now) get all 78 vaccinations, within the same timeframe our children are forced to.

As for becoming a - apart from being a male (as youare, from what I see) I have a problem: I cannot watch any videos like Brighteon, Dvideo etc and I have never been on any of the 'bad' platforms, like FB, Twat etc., so I would be limited in what I can do.

How come you never said Hi at Gab?


I linked to your article. So, that is probably why you got notified. On Steemit, I have not seen a place for mentions. So, I want to assume you are not using Steemit for your Steem. But if you don't already know, in my post, I wrote your name with the at symbol, @arthur.grafo, and below that, I included a link to an article of yours. So, some Steem apps may have a way of notifying you when people mention you like that. Maybe you are just on Steemit like me instead of like, etc. But I opt out of desktop notifications for my Steemit experience.

I am on Gab. You want me to be more social on Gab? I am there like once a week. I am also on And others.

The Info Moms group I mentioned is a group of moms that try to educate people on vaccines, homeschooling, etc, AKA the #InformationWar things..... but yeah, men are not moms but they can help the mothers by doing whatever they can to red pill, to educate, to raise awareness of history, etc.....

And yeah, the globalists don't let their kids get vaccinated like you said and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and others wouldn't let their kids use the phones, the computers, etc, as much as they could.

It's good to point at that to people and say, "Hey, look at that."

It's common sense to look at it.

But people can forget common sense at times.

That's why we help remind people of the common sense.

That's what Oatmeal is all about.

Eternal Principles.

I use (your name)

It has a lot of information I find very useful, but it also notifies me when someone mentions me.

Thanks for the explanation. As for Gab...not really, I make my posts there but do not linger to chat with others. I prefer to use Steemit for that.

I support informationwar and familyprotection and make a number of political posts and vaccinations are a strong concern of mine. I ran a creche for a couple of years and told the parents I refuse to enforce the law and actually prefer to have non-vaccinated children. They thought I am nuts, but nobody vaccinated their kids while they remained with me.

Thanks for responding

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