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Being quiet for almost two weeks on the music front (other then my posts about music and Steemit), I picked an artist from my favourite list, different to what you are used to I share. The least electronic artist you can imagine; Meaning her work is 100% analogue! It is an artist you would not encounter on some kind of dance or even music/art festival.

I discovered her through some television program, aired at hours almost nobody watches television, Sunday early morning. In case you don't know her, you will quickly find out - by touching the play buttons below - her music genre is classical! Opera style to be more exact. Although I don't really know the opera genre - so I cannot tell how opera the recording is - I fell in love with her performance when this TV program showed a recording. Well, actually, it was a live performance in the 'studio'; In our music theatre "Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ" in Amsterdam.

image: Barbara Hannigan (source | copyright: Barbara Hannigan)

The first recording below, is another version of the performance I fell in love with! Compared to her latest album, this piece is to me, more hypnotic; Somehow it gets into my mind in such a way it brings me in a kind of trance. Well, not really into a deep trance, but still, somehow I start floating quite easily through imaginary places. A wonderful experience!

Recently I discovered her latest album "Crazy Girl Crazy" received a Grammy - and a whole bunch of other nominations and awards. WOW! A YouTube playlist including all tracks, I included in the post below as well.

image: "Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ" / Amsterdam (source | copyright: panoramio)


Artist: Barbara Hannigan
Track: Let Me Tell You (Hans Abrahamsen)
Year: 2015
Country: Canada


Artist: Barbara Hannigan
Album: Crazy Girl Crazy
Year: 2017
Country: Canada

(source & play full album)


Sequenza III | Composed By – Luciano Berio
Lulu Suite | Composed By – Alban Berg | Orchestra – Ludwig Orchestra
Startlight | Track not on Album
Girl Crazy Suite | Composed By – George Gershwin | Orchestra – Ludwig Orchestra
Lulu Suite: III. Lied der Lulu | Track not on Album









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Thanks for this. I am always looking for new music!

Cool you like it! And as I do, always interested to learn more great and quality music :)

wow! amazing music. i appreciate your post dare

Thanks, and enjoy! :)

Her vocal control is great! And the quality is just beautiful... She makes singing look effortless (though it's definitely not).

You got that right! :)