HyperX and new Bluetooth gaming headphones for audiophiles

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From 10Hz to 40,000KHz
Kingston's HyperX division relies on Hi-Fi sound technology on its latest headphones, we learn from Engadget. HyperX Cloud MIX offers high-quality sound with frequencies from 10Hz to 40,000KHz (when connected to a cable).

In wireless mode, the headset's durability is up to 20 hours.

The model relies on 40mm speakers with dual camera technology. They also feature a removable microphone with high sensitivity and a built-in microphone for calls and more.

The headphones have built-in remote control for volume and microphone. There are also more status indicators for the headset in Bluetooth mode. In the kit you get a 3.5 mm cable with knitted cover.

The US model price is $ 200.

source - digi.bg
image source - pixabay.com


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