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Post 1: My General Purpose Introduction

I'm not that great at writing introductions or about myself posts so I'll just stick to the basics or no one will read it. This is just a general purpose introduction type post.

I'm a Canuck as you can see by my avatar but not rooting for the Canucks. You have to be one to get the joke.

Mainly into hockey, cars and trucks, fishing, metal detecting, getting things done. I dabble in various other things time to time. Some survivalist prep and homesteading. Wouldn't qualify them as hobbies as much as just normal order of business.

Found HyperSpace by accident and looking to try it out.

I don't have a good picture of me but here's a screenshot from the Diesel Power Challenge. It's an annual event where great trucks are wrecked doing great things.

Post 2: Day in a Nutshell


Busy day today, had to run to get a document signed, then to the bank in the morning. With the traffic going the way it is always a pain to predict how it'll go. Got a real stroke of luck on the way back and hit all greens. Made it back in time for a meeting.

Stopped by a store after. Supposed to be a big storm coming to this neck of the woods, went to cover up the yard and put away anything that can blow away.

Fixed the dishwasher yesterday. That part should be a part of a different blog, different day. Roast chicken for dinner.

Considering getting another tattoo done this summer. Something similar to the preview image. Talk me out of it.

Post 3: You know you're old when you create memes about aging

Post 4: Steem Dev Jobs Portal

The Steem blockchain is based on the decentralized proof of stake model (DPOS) and the Graphene framework. It signs a block (confirmed transactions achieved) in 3 seconds with the signatures themselves granted by a ranked system of producer (witness) nodes. The blockchain is home to myriad dapps, frontends and projects.

Most of the projects leverage either Steem JS or Beem (Python) libraries. Node JS seems to be the preferred language of many of the projects all around. Those who have a need for front-end developers tend to gravitate towards using Vue JS and React JS, the former being far more popular. Backend projects are largely Python. Many of the projects incorporate MongoDB. This is just a quick overlook, pulled straight from my head.

With a growing list of projects needing development, there is ample opportunities on Steem to contribute in both the OS and private spectrum.


If you are a developer who is looking for interesting projects while learning about a blockchain you may not know much about, consider filling out the form above. You'll get a message back when something suitable becomes available. The jobs portal doesn't take a cut of the pay or share your confidential info.

Maybe one day we'll see HyperSpace community dapps too.

Post 5: Random Twitter of the Day

A little bit of Twitter humor here for you. Despite all the fear-mongering and self-aggrandization by whomever runs the Portland Antifa account, the correct answer is neither.

Now let's forget politics and move on to health. Tone has been a beacon of insights in the past so this can't be any different right?

And finally, the one time I regret not writing anything of significance.

Post 6: Rats, the other white meat

There's so much crap posted to HyperSpace. Some people think they're entitled to cross-post every irrelevant piece of garbage that makes zero sense (no, I don't mean you Lori, you're an ace. Those who blindly repost every piece of drivel they criclejerked on their main platforms know who they are).

What that does is spam up HyperSpace and make the original source look like a bunch of scammers. Know what that does in turn? Contribute to the demise of whatever investment you made in the original platform and on HyperSpace.

So why do this? Sure, a few AMPs aren't exactly going to make you rich. No altcoin or token will, particularly through blogging. You want to be rich? Trade. Set your stops, watch your charts, and trade. You'll also have enough material to publish unique content on all your platforms. It's a win-win. Except if you fail at trading. Then it's a loss for you. Practice on Niffler.co first.

Granted, the same can be said about any similar platform. Steem is seen as secondary to Medium. Medium is behind LinkedIn. It's all about how influential you figure yourself to be, usually from your own delusions.

Back in the day to cross-post from somewhere you had to build up a site and a presence. Creating a site isn't that easy. It was a place where you, the sole owner, would be responsible for cultivating an audience. If your cross-posted shit, you'd lose that audience. Because people don't read shit when the next site down the Webring has genuine content. Effort was required and with that effort came integrity. Two decades passed. Are two decades really enough to strip away all integrity? Damn, what a waste.

This post isn't meant to shit on you, the cross-poster. It's meant to make you think, since you already took a second to read it. You can do better. Don't put the rat into your own nuggets.

Post 7: Magic beans and metal roofs

This space would be improved by someone other than myself posting in it.

Random thoughts time. If you're going to buy a decrepit house because the idiot who owned it before you put a metal roof on it, then you're a bigger idiot than him who invested in this roof. Let's say the roof is worth 50k. It's an excellent roof. Nothing is going through this sucker any time soon. When you buy a house that has an electrical system older than your grandmother, clay pipes, a foundation that resembles the Niagara Falls when it rains and rotten windows, beams and everything else that can be rotten, you're not making a wise choice my friend. You're making the dumbest decision you could be making because you're attracted by the shiny metal roof.

Granted, you think you're an expert renovator because maybe you've done a house or two. Those weren't this house. Their level of dereliction clearly was far less. If it wasn't, you would've learned your lesson long ago. You are now going to end up with a bill higher than the price of both the roof and the entire house because what you're doing is rebuilding the entire house without actually demolishing it.

Guess what? There's also something called building codes. They exist virtually everywhere on this planet and they change over time. Back in the day it was perfectly acceptable to splice in random pieces of wood to extend the height of the framing. These days it isn't. This isn't a made up story, this actually happened to a great guy who put some insane amount of work into an old property only to find out it's heading for demolition. That's just how it goes. He didn't even have a metal roof to worry about or could afford one by the time it was all done with.

Moral of the random thoughts post is to not be stupid and not trade your cow for magic beans because you like the pouch the beans come in.

Post 8: Life Lesson

Here's a life lesson for you:

Suppose you're walking on the beach. You got your dog with you, its going in the water. There's a breeze. No one is around to ruin it. You already have your Bubba Keg pre-filled. You're feeling great. Nothing can stop you now.

You're holding onto that feeling of feeling great and you go and sit down on your beach chair. Your laptop is next to you. You got room on the little beach table for your drink. There's some food being delivered. No one is ruining anything. Your dog is now laying at your feet. Life is great.

You open your laptop. You feel great. You're installing a new OS called Qubes. It's high tech. Like you are. It's great. So you decide to keep it save, since its so great. You encrypt your laptop. The breeze is ruffling your full head of hair that you now have, everything is perfect.

You feel clever as hell. You're great, everything is great, so you're clever. You think of the best password you can think of. Those government types will never figure it out. It's so clever. You're clever. Everything is great.

Two weeks pass and you look in the damn mirror and realize you're just an old fart and you got no dog and no beach and now you can't remember your password.

Life lesson: Don't be clever when setting encryption passwords. You're a dumbass. Remember that. Never forget.

Post 9: Steem Foundation


The Steem Foundation is a non-profit US-based organization that was recently created to support the advancement, development, promotion and utility of the Steem blockchain and its ecosystem.

The Steem Foundation was started as a community idea in 2019. It quickly took off and after much hard work by the Working Groups that were sequentially formed, a series of structural proposals were written and submitted by the Steem community members. The proposals were then voted on and the building process began.

Currently, an Interim Board of Directors is in the process of ensuring the Steem Foundation has a strong start. Everyone involved in the Steem Foundation are volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to a common vision.

More information can be found by following the Steem Foundation blog at https://www.steemit.com/@steemalliance which also houses meeting minutes and volunteer/participation opportunities.

Space: Veterans

This Space is dedicated to all military veterans from all over the world.

What's a veteran?
A veteran is a person who served or continues to serve in the armed forces in their respective country. To qualify for veteran status, the person should either presently be active or have Honorably retired.

Why a veteran Space?
The purpose of the space is to give military veterans somewhere to share their experiences, life after the military, or just general thoughts in a peer setting.

What about posts about veterans by non-veterans?**
Posts about the military, war, related experiences from civilians, remembrance of history and anything related are welcome as long as they are objective and non-hostile.

This Space treats all veterans of all countries equally, including those who were forgotten by history. It holds respect for others in the highest regard. To show decorum, contributors to this Space are expected to share original content they created for this Space and to refrain from cross-posting and copy/pasting from external sites.

Participants are encouraged to make a post about their military experience. Please don't lie, we'll know. You can't learn how being a veteran feels from movies.

The Space logo is yours to use if you are a veteran. It has an H at the top for HyperSpace. There are additional versions of the logo for other platforms. If you need a different version, comment and ask.

There is a Veterans Discord group. Comment with your Discord ID to receive an invite if you are a veteran.

Space: Random

This Space is the anything goes, no-topic zone.

Why Random?
I created it for the purposes of having somewhere to post things that would clutter up other Spaces. Things that I may find interesting and hopefully, maybe, if you had enough to drink, you may find them interesting too. I'm not really expecting you too but who knows. You can post in it, it's for everyone. I may find your random musings and finds a good read.


  • No cross-posting
  • No plagiarism
  • Microblogging acceptable
  • Include credit/sources for externally-sourced content
  • No racist garbage or porn, no one wants to go blind or stupid

Pretty simple. Enjoy the space without spamming it up.

Space: Steem

The purpose of the Steem space is to create a bridge between HyperSpace and Steem to allow a 2-way movement of users interested in these diverse platforms.

Three Simple Rules

  • Refrain from cross-posting things that have been already posted on Steem or elsewhere.[1]
  • No plagiarism or ID theft. We will know. You can't get away with it.
  • No phishing links, malicious referrals or any of that garbage.

[1] Double-monetization for you is no reason to negatively impact the uniqueness of the posts on either platform.

Steem is a blockchain invented on the DPOS (decentralized proof of stake) model and built on the Graphene framework three years ago. It was originally intended as a social media platform with additional uses largely unexplored. It has two coins in use: STEEM and SBD. STEEM is then invested through the process of powering up, which results in Steem Power (SP). Version control of the blockchain is managed by the creating company, Steemit Inc, and accepted by consensus and backup witnesses.

More Information

Finally: Goodbye HyperSpace

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