HYIP Report Mid October 2017

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AURUM BANK: The end is nigh. AURUM says it got hacked - asks to invest in another website. DO NOT DO THIS! It´s a classic scam!

BEWARE: claimbtcgpu.org is most likely a SCAM! Do not use this site - they ask you for your private keys!

Westerncoin ICO sold out. This Bitconnect-copycat is going strong, already sold out. Lets see if they run away with our money - or not. Keep you posted...


And another new HYIP like Bitconnect: Bitbase. I like it because you get 50 BTB from just signing up. Just did that and wait whats going to happen. Would not advice to invest more.

Bitconnect rocking (nearing 200 bucks atm)! Still the best HYIP. Remember: It will go down someday - but I think this one is the Mother of HYIPs which will last for a long time.

Regalcoin at more than 30 dollars! I do not recommend to invest now, since I guess this is a pump and dump. Regalcoin is restricting selling the coin - which inflates the price. Nevertheless: I recommend to invest in the lending program (buy REC and invest immediately). Would not recommend to buy and hold! Wait for the coming drop!

Also there seems to be some withdraw PROBLEMS: There are indications that some Regalcoin-accounts are blocked - withdraw not possible. I tried to withdraw REC from my account - it worked. But this was a small amount. So: BEWARE - atm I do not think Regalcoin is a Scam. Will keep you posted.

Quick review on Aurora Mine: This is a 10%-HYIP, running since 16 days and offering a bonus for signing up (11 cents per day). Very high risk. You will get back your seed money in 10 days which is good - but on the average such HYIPs are working between 10 and 30 days. In fact this is like Bitlake or Microhash. Since it is up since 16 days, chances for getting back your initial investment and making some profit are slim.
Invest only a small amount or just leave it be.

More reports on: https://www.facebook.com/HYIP-Scamreport

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