Episode #63 - James Hydrick

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"No prison could hold him, no guard could break him."






Call James DIRECTLY @ PH# - (559) 935 8759, 935 3098, 934 0369, 934 1894

Speaking to James from South Korea, via SPEAKER PHONE, out of #California's #Coalinga State mental hospital, we do our PIRATE damndest to BOOST show levels & smooth the audio feed.

A little "rough" around the edges from a purely "technical" standpoint, CRANK UP the volume.

This one is an INSTANT CLASSIC!

Long term extreme abuse as a child, multiple foster homes

7min - Bruce Lee & early martial arts, Harry #Blackstone Jr.

9min - Meeting & competing with highly accomplished & renowned #Martial #Artists

10min - Declared "mentally retarded", as a child, by the State of North Carolina

13min - Shoutout to LIVE You-tube listeners

14min - The EXCLUSIVE #Shaolin Monk "Mea Culpa"

15min - Stepmother starts a house fire, little Jimmy watches baby brother burn to death

19min - Bo "King of the Road" #Keeley


23min - Tough father, gang member, southern state bouncer

"He was a good man. He just happened to be a wife beater."

25min - Trying to kill the wicked step mother, "smells" & memories, instinct to nurture or KILL

30min - Looking 4 a good time in LA, running headlong into trouble, serious magic study in the LA county jail (1977)

33min - James reveals his #BREATHING #technique

34min - Current, long-time friendship with James "The Amazing" #Randi, Danny #Korem's a "different story."

35min - #AOA (#Aliens Of #America) grooming James as a cult leader?, The #Alphabet #Bomber

38min - Michael #Ruppert (RIP)

39min - Salt Lake City, BLACK OPS, School of The Americas

41min - LA County Jail's Infamous 1979 "Food fight", The Korean ROCKMEN?

45min - Recruitment by Michael Ruppert, BLACK OPS, #CIA, Iran-Contra, Soldiers of Fortune, #Mercenaries, #Assassination HIT Teams, smuggling cocaine from Central America, Gary #Webb (RIP) journalist 4 the San Jose "MERCURY" News, MAJOR electronic interference

48min - Former CIA Head - William #Casey, The "Real" Dirty Dozen

50min - WEB contact info
James Hydrick in Photos - AMAZON


Institutional warehousing of prisoners & patients

1hr - Coalinga "A Place For #Pedophiles"

#Grandmaster Ed (EP) Parker, Black Tigers

1hr4min - Extradition Co. Of #AmeriKa, abusive & unaccountable, rocking the van w/ "Psychological Warfare", Sheriff Eddie King questions #WARRANTLESS detainment, #HABEUS #CORPUS

1hr08min - Forced drugging (#HALYDOL), signing legal "plea" COURT documents

1hr10min - Thumbs drives, documentaries, movies, SIZE 12 tennis shoes, no glass, metal, alcohol, Coalinga living conditions, SLAVE labor, sub-standard food

TAX payers coughing up $280,000 per patient vs. per year, vs. $50,000 4 prison inmates

1hr15min - Hydrick vs. Wilson, Hydrick vs. Hunter - 9th Circuit County Of Appeal, James as Coalinga's "In-House" Litigation Coordinator


AmeriKa's "UN" Patriot ACHTUNG "Enemy Combatants" ala Sept 11th "terrorists"

1hr21min - Captain "Long John" Sinclair

Send your LETTERS 2 James Hydrick c/o
967-0 Unit #2, 24511 West Jayne Avenue, Coalinga California, USA, 93210

OFFICE PH# - (559) 935-8759
935-3098, 934-0369, 934-1894

Working @ $1 / HR (slave labor)

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