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The difference between a centralised process and a decentralised process is quite simply to explain. While a centralised process as the name implies explains a process where terms or initiatives to follow are always controlled by a central body. In otherwords, it fully points out that data is not fully owned by the rightful owners and thus total freedom is not really guaranteed ina centralised system.
However in a decentralised system, all the terms of a centralised system is redefined. Terms and initiatives are not in anyway controlled by a central body. All the processes are fully decentralised thus all data owners are in 100% control of their data and thus freedom is usually assured.
The issue of centralisation was the major factor that triggered the development or better still the creation of the blockchain technology system. The blockchain technology system was birthed as a result of continuous inquisitiveness in creating a system where all processes involved will be fully decentralised as well as fully secured especially in the area of finance.
Commerce in the early times, started as a physical process which involves traders exchanging what they have for what they don't have through a process they called a " trade by barter" this process while explained in common terms decentralised in such a way that trader have total freedom of exchanging what they have for what they don't have without their decisions been influenced in any way. This however paved way for e-commerce which was in a way centralised because it involves a third party platform which handles the process of transaction on the platform thus limiting users freedom in regards to transactions and also in turn making huge profits in return. But through the birth of bitcoin was the basis that triggered the commencement of the blockchain technology system. Bitcoin provided it's users another concept of payment through the internet. It offers it's users added benefits like: a faster and low cost of transaction, as well as a reliable and secured platform with absolutely total freedom than what the centralised payment system offers. And on the basis of freedom in transaction as well as reliability and performance is where the HYBRIX platform majorly dwells on.



The HYBRIX platform is a blockchain based platform which majorly dwells on offering it's users the right to freedom of transaction. The platform strongly believes that any user have the sole right to freedom of transaction and this freedom is what they have surely promise to render to it's users. Onboard the platform, users will have the free liberty or freedom to transfer values according to however and whenever they deem fit. Apart from ushering in a freedom of transaction concept, the platform is also considering best and possible ways to basically interconnect most basic ledger technologies to proper ensure security and also expand the scopes of transaction freedom.

In other to interconnect the most basic ledger technologies, ensure proper security while still expanding the scope of transaction freedom for users, the hybrix platform will use the " hy token" to be on the forefront of making all this happen. The hy token will be the basic token to bind all ledger technologies. The token operates on a protocol level classified as a second level token protocol. The hy token will encourage this binding process by championing a basic interoperability by basically granting the freedom to it's user to transact on as well as with any DLT. With the "hy token" users won't only be a part of a process that tends to connect ledgers but will also be a part of a huge revolution that is set to happen. So why not say "HY" to the hybrix platform today.

The HY token will act as a basic currency for token sales as well as be used as a store of value and the total supply of the token will only be limited to 21 million and will operate on the basis of an ERC-20 compatible token.

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