How to clean the air conditioner filter?

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Each split air conditioning has an internal filtration system to provide air treatment. Easy to install, we often wonder how to clean the air conditioner filter to prolong its life. This is the challenge of our top of the best ways to maintain your air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

What interest in the interview?

When buying an air conditioner, be sure to check the presence of the user manual whether it is an air conditioner or multiple units. This documentation allows the user that you are, to offer an appropriate follow-up to the direct service of the performance of your wall mounted air conditioning. We find it present from the first advice purchase air conditioning when one speaks about the Cornelian choice of a heating air conditioning efficient but also eco-responsible. Regular cleaning of the system should be closely related to your use of the device to best preserve your health. In normal use, each filter should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months to easily remove the dust that settles there. In case of intensive application, especially during the heat wave of the summer, this time can be reduced in order to extend the life of your particulate filters without having to cross your thermal comfort.

To achieve this very easily, equip yourself with a solution of soapy water as well as the home vacuum cleaner in order to overcome filters and air conditioning. This last ensures you to eliminate very quickly the dust that may have been deposited as and when the use of your heating and cooling equipment. For heavily soiled filters, you always have a more radical solution by washing them directly in the dishwasher before drying them for 3 to 4 hours in the open air. Several manufacturers such as Daikin or Panasonic and Mitsubishi warn against the intensive use of a liquid solution, which can lead to premature aging of your filtration equipment.

How to perform the cleaning?

The ambient air is more and more polluted in every room of the house. This fact, you have the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of your air treatment integrated in the air conditioner Inverter. This helps to avoid getting to know how to repair air conditioning at very late hours including the maintenance of the filter present in each air conditioning system. To achieve this, you usually have two maintenance options for each interior filter available to you:

• If you have a maintenance contract for your air conditioning: in this case, it is possible to call on the refrigeration engineer who carried out the installation directly or during his annual control visit if you can wait. The professional will then replace the filters without you having to pay the amount.
• In the absence of such a maintenance device: you can provide this type of ready-to-install equipment for reversible air conditioning only in specialized stores and not in DIY superstores. The cost of the filters varies depending on the range you have and in particular the air flow necessary for the proper functioning of the split depending on the outside temperature.

We are often chilly when it comes to maintaining air conditioning, lack of time or fear of doing wrong. Dirty filters are primarily responsible for faulty operation of your equipment including a rise in sound level. So that your outdoor unit is less noisy, remember to regularly clean all filters manually or by delegation. On average, the typical lifespan of these parts is two years. Depending on the environment and the configuration of your frame, it may be shortened or lengthened.

The final word

In the same way as for the condenser or the evaporator, the regular cleaning of the filters of your air conditioning is necessary to limit the diffusion of bad odors. Before any maintenance, remember to check if the support can be done by the professional like M. B. Kiser Heating and Air. The cleaning of the interior components of the air conditioning can also be accompanied by a draining of the condensate pan but also the drain pipe in the case of a mobile air conditioning. These small gestures ensure you significantly extend the life of your dual flow material and thus reduce your environmental footprint. For people with allergies, it is best to position themselves on fixed models that have.