Effective Immediately, David Mercer (radix42) is the New Lead Dev for HUSH

in hush •  11 months ago

I am glad to inform you that today I resigned as Lead developer for HUSH, and David Mercer (radix42) assumed this position effective immediately.

David is a brilliant dev and a well known contributor in the zcash community, he will bring in the oomph HUSH needs to move forward.


David spoke to me about his plans and I am very impressed and confident the project will move forward much faster, and with a better qualified developer. Joseph Stuhlman is a tinkerer, David Mercer is a brilliant integrator, and a wonderful coder.

I can not find a better person to lead HUSH and take it forward. At this time I will not leak any of David's plans, but will leave that for him to announce.

I will hold no title going forward and will no longer serve on the dev team. This decision is best for HUSH as a project and for the community. I will forward the community fund to David, and will also ask everyone in the community to support the dev team and donate to the community fund as well to keep this project going.

David will move HUSH code to his github and make the necessary updates.

github: https://github.com/radix42
twitter: https://twitter.com/radix42

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Cool! Welcome radix in the team. This coin can has potential. I just want to add that radix was also involved in ZCL development.


Wait till you hear his plans, you will be impressed.

This is the first I have heard of Hush but I look forward to learning more about it!

Upvoted ya!


I think you will hear more of it now, but you can tell we like to keep things HUSH HUSH


Very well said! :)

I would be good to add a brief info about HUSH.


I have posted before about hush. when David makes his introduction into the project, I will be happy to bring you more info.

Hi joseph, I had to tweet this https://twitter.com/The_Puffin_Post/status/865462487725912064

Are you working on a new project?


The_Puffin_Post ThePuffinPost tweeted @ 19 May 2017 - 07:01 UTC

David Mercer New Lead Dev for HUSH (born as Zdash) — Steemit

steemit.com/hush/@joseph/e… / https://t.co/IW0xXtCaCE

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Not at the moment, I was offered some consulting jobs in the past that I turned down. I might join some projects in an advisory role some time in the future.


You will surely succeed in whatever you choose to do

Congratulations @joseph!
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hmm interesting, im gonna look into this, thanks for posting, all the best crypto info here on steemit

and that relates to Steem...how?


sorry I did not know people post on social media about the social media website!
You tweet about twitter much?


nope...never have.. I just assumed twitter was for twits.
it's your right to post anything you want...it's my right to comment on it.


Exactly, you post what you want or comment any way you like and about anything , that answers your question :D

Interesting post!

like to see where this goes..thanks for posting.

This is rad! Can't wait to hear more updates.

i wish you the very best of lucky

wow where oh where will it lead