Hurricane Irma Throwback/ Hurricane Dorian Prep

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We are currently in the process of prepping for hurricane Dorian. I love how the news and all the non-natives freak out. Its like more fear mongering. We got our water, food, gas, generators, frozen ice and tomorrow ill finish the shutters and turbine on my roof.

I like to be prepped but have found worry to be absolutely useless. "Worry is kinda like rocking in a rocking chair, its something to do but doesn't get you anywhere ".

This is a throwback from hurricane Irma about a year ago. She was just getting started and actually i remember the vid not really giving justice.

Hurricane Dorian Update


We'll continue to track the storm and keep an eye on it. Injoy


Freaking out doesn’t help anything. Keep a clear head and do whatcha gotta do!! Thoughts and prayer go out to all those in the path. I really hope and pray it just turns around and walks away.
Stay safe Homie!!

Yessir, thanks homie. Still very unpredictable and up to a cat 5


Good luck with everything. Sounds like you are prepared @idig.

Thank you Sir. Yes we are, and hoping it can stay off the coast. Looks like Bahamas are gonna get it rough (cat 5). "Thoughts and prayers to those in the path" @jlsplatts