Being the Prey or the Hunter

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We often hear words like human brain, computer brain, car brain, ABS brake brain, army brain, business brain… in daily life. The most important of these is the human brain. Because all the brains we have mentioned are the products of the human brain. The human brain and the computer brain have similar systems. Human brain; They work with a triple mechanism consisting of input, thinking and output, while the computer works with a dual mechanism consisting of input and output.


Human brain; It is expressed by the Latin cerebrum (cerebrum) and the Ancient Greek word encephalus (head). The brain, which manages and runs our entire body, weighs an average of 1.5 kilograms. An elephant's brain is nine times larger than a human's. People's brain size doesn't make a difference in mental processing. Einstein's brain, for example, weighed 1.21 kilograms.

The brain is not concerned with what is not related to its task. Since his task is to maintain the existence of his body, he deals with the prey, which is the prey of his existence, and the predator, which he is the prey of. He is not interested in the hunter who is not his bait and is not his bait. Therefore, he does not see an object at a distance that does not pose a threat, by contempt.
Humans are divided into hunters and prey. As the prey leave the house every morning; they pray not to encounter the hunter (not to be bumped, ripped off, swindled, deceived, etc.). If the prey did not meet the hunter during the day, when he put his head on the pillow at night; “– Oh… well… I didn’t meet the hunter on this day.” saying, they get a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Hunters said, “I hope I catch a good catch today.” saying, they leave the house in the morning. If they have caught oily prey during the day, they will have a comfortable sleep at night.
Always be vigilant in order not to poison your life, do not get caught by the hunters around you.
Don't forget!..
Everyone is walking around in search of prey with their mouths open.

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