beta testing program is successfully finished.

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We have run a beta testing program for to make this protocol safer and more widely adopted in the fastest growing decentralised finance industry. We selected 100 testers from 39 countries and ran the testing program for three weeks. is the first-ever gamified protocol for long-term crypto investors (called HODLERS). They lock-up their cryptos with a set period and get a constant bonus during their lock-up whenever other users fail to HODL (withdraw their funds within the lock-up period). All of these actions are automatically implemented by the smart contract without a third party between the HODLERS.


We're now focusing on the interface optimisations and fixing any potential risks. Also, we're working on the smart contract audit report with a renowned auditor. Our target to launch the open beta version of via the main net is around mid-December.

Please stay tuned to this channel and feel free to keep working with the testing version until the main net version is launched. -
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