The hate is strong with vegans... Why?

in hunger •  2 months ago

Honestly enough I am actually pretty stumped as to why these individuals have claimed that they are so peaceful are actually so violent that if you stand up they really go crazy.

Now farming? Please. Phosphate mining produces hydroflorosilic acid... Oh yeah. Besides the irreversible ecological damage.

But nothing about taking care of the endangered salmon. Oh what about the wild horses? But no. Cows are not consenting to insemination! Oh anyone that eats meat is a rapist....

Now here is the funny thing is that I definitely see so much violent behavior and actions from these people words let alone the fact that if you even challenge there belief. When that happens rest assured you were going to watch a temper tantrum.

I was actually recently talked with a ex vegan and that is something that we talked about and the food fascist movement really draws skorm and makes whatever idea that you had that was good into an idea that nobody wants to hear because of your approach.

Now honestly enough I like plans to and dinner plans for myself tonight include some vegetables.

However I am extremely appreciative that I actually get to have dinner tonight.

Mother Earth thank you for the food I appreciate your spirit and life and I apologize for having to take it. But me and my family needs the nourishment. I am so sorry but my family needs food. Thank you for your sacrifice and know that it will keep my family from starvation.

Now in my traditional beliefs and my traditional ways I will say that prayer for a basket of berries or the animal that just provided food for my sons and daughters.

And honestly enough hunting as well as fishing are tribal rites and that was our original food source. The Treaty of 1868 guarantees those rights for tribal members. And that also is one of the only reasons why our children as well as myself when I was a children didn't starve to death.

I have known hunger. I know what that pain feels like.

If you do not honor your food there is not much on this planet you can say you do honor. Our mother earth provided everything for us to live.

The very least you can do is be appreciative of actually getting to eat tonight.

But that's exactly what I'm seeing from a lot of people who claim that they are more Elite than others because they are in charge of knowledge that apparently only their ego is capable of having. And that actually means that you're more narrow-minded and judgemental. But again we see this interesting claim of peace and happiness but everybody's thoughts revolve around murder rape and violence.

As much as I like peace I know that there is darkness in the world. These individuals talking about murder rape and violence actually are showing me that they have no experience in any of the above.

And yes I have a PhD level of skill in violence. I have personally stopped girls from being raped and gotten them out of bad situations. And I've also actually had people that are directly known go to prison with murder convictions.

Honestly enough it's like you are talking to a fence post. All they see is what they want to see which isn't good.

But hey I self-identify as a cheerleader! I'm really hoping that I can get to hang out in the cheerleaders locker room...

And if I self-identify as a woman hopefully I can do mixed martial arts fights in the women's division!

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Vegans..where? They all mad cuz they are lacking nutrients and shit. I am making a list , I collect vegans.


Honestly it's an opportunity to connect. We don't have to hate eachother... But we can learn. I actually just posted. We talked and let's see what happens. Maybe you might see trust and love forged.

But we don't have to have to fight! Oh and this "war" hasn't seen a single flag thrown...

So? There is hope!

You are taking advantage of people and their help for you. We all want to help you but you are making it increasingly difficult to do so with your actions. Please understand the only person being aggressive and combative is you. If I didnt veiw you as a friend or brother I wouldnt even waste my time saying this. Please take a second at least to see how your attacking the very people who are trying to support you. Sorry if you feel that everyone must do as you say or else they are low lifes. People want to help you. People want to support you. Stop pissing off the very people trying to help you much less your neighbors. Calm down we want to help and your attacking one of your biggest supporters in Kenny and thus TSU for no reason whatsoever and it is really mind boggling. I understand your situation and how stressful it is. Maybe try keeping your anger you want to reserve for people supporting you in discord or the DM. Please we cant even give you a good word or support you or your causes if your going to be a loose cannon in a public way. Why not go full throttle in trying to support or verified and legitimate causes like his or even focusing on helping your own personal situation by not attacking people who can provide a lot of potential support outside of Steemit in people like Kenny or Ela?


Hey. I appreciate your adult discussion. And honor it. That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Now cowpocylapse isn't real. The herds of bison that were nearly pushed extinct are proof of that. Natural balance.

And honestly where have I attacked a single person?

I have opened up discussion and been adult about things.

But cow farts won't be able to change the climate. And for them to get upset over a dietary preference? Wow.

But how quick elamental turned on me? Talking down to me? His claim I fucked up? Only thing I did was point out some key facts.

And yeah now the war! Lol peaceful people ?

Hang on. Because I didn't agree with you I'm your enemy? Wait thought we were talking. Can't I be allowed my view?

And why do I have to accept Kenny directly calling me a murderer and rapist? That was very offensive..

But yeah apparently I'm kicked out of earthtribe or whatever. Shrug. I can't care. I'm not going to beg and grovel for a vote. I'm not desperate.

I'm sorry but yeah I'm feeling pretty betrayed. By people that I thought were good and friends. Shrug. I'm still going to be me and have my vision.