Humourous initiative (part 2)

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Hello again my fellow steemians! Welcome back to (part 2) of humourous initiative.IMG_20180205_102445.jpg IMG_20180205_102510.jpgHonestly I didn't have a two part post in mind when I did the 1st one, but after thinking about it awhile I thought you might really enjoy this!😊
So if you missed the 1st one you can go back and read it[here>•] Yes, it was quite entertaining.... Enough that I figured featuring yet another steemian would have you rolling! That's right I figured @bluerthangreen would be a great candidate!
(He's really a great guy we just enjoy a good laugh!)
So 1st let's introduce you to him if you don't know him already as he rides up on "blotchy"! IMG_20180205_081452.jpg
Yup... That's what he named him... Why? I'll let you ask him... Lol but anyway he was definitely looking for a new ride an decided to take it upon himself to upgrade... Yup it's what he did... An you can actually read about it! Here • ole Blotchy had given him quite a time and he was ready to get rid of him...
Well it's what he did!
Even made faces with blotchy! (Or at least he looks pretty serious!)
@bluerthangreen definitely realized it's a small world... IMG_20180205_081002.jpg
@bluerthangreen is much happier now that he's riding in style.IMG_20180205_090858.jpgIMG_20180205_090914.jpg

Now I'm just going to say @bluerthangreen is a pretty cool guy.IMG_20180205_081229.jpg
Yes, it may all be funny, but on a serious note he's really one of the best I've ever worked with.
An I did jus say that.
Even though I would have liked to have seen the picture of him in a suit I couldn't get it from him for this post. So I made do...
I've written this post in good humour.
@bluethangreen is a GREAT friend! We've definitely bailed each other out a time or two an even though we've not actually been in jail a difficult situation can prove to be a time in need of a bail out/ quality assistance.
So with that I'll leave you with some humour! I hope this post has given you some initiative to consider what a friend is really worth.
Anyway, This @mobile-joat signing out until next time!IMG_20170829_192154210.jpg
All comments, upvotes, and resteems are appreciated! Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this tid bit of humour!


A friend in need us a friend indeed. Thanks for being a good Jack Of All Trades. That includes being a pretty good friend.

Your welcome and thank you. 😊

I like the way you guys hang together and are there for each other. That is what friendship is all about, through good times and bad. Must have been difficult to give ole blotchy a tune up! LOL :}

Well done on being one of the great, a friend in need and in calmer times.
You guys are all "good ole boys" :-)

Thank you I appreciate your stopping by.