Alex Jones is the Ultimate Border Control Agent, Fighting all Incoming Aliens in a Big Bad World of Doom!

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Here is a bit of fun only and I think a red pill for all those of you out there, that still for some unknown reason still hate on Alex Jones and his incessantly ranting big mouth ! You should really consider why indeed he was the first on the list of Google to be exposed to their draconian agenda and silencing of the political right mouthpieces on the internet ? Him being banned in such a manner for me speaks volumes on the fact that he was and always will be the chosen and favourite Enemy Number 1 to the Globalist pigs and demons that want his blood just a little bit more than our own ! We are all Human Beings and Yes ! We are coming like Mr Jones says, so Expect Us !!

Stop Hating Alex Jones and Start Loving the Fact That He has Been Fghting for You an Me All this Time ! !!

Border Control Has Arrived

The Thinkery
Published on 30 Aug 2018

"This administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders." - Bill Clinton, 1996


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