Stupid Questions 90

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American actress and singer Kristinia DeBarge, Japanese restaurants that offer human butts, and Greenpeace riding train on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for being a hypocrite are not really mentioned much in this edition of the series . . . nothing more here than stupid questions. Here is the latest batch, males and females:

Judy shared a few more questions from the original “Hollywood Squares” game show.
The late George Gobel was asked: “True or False: a pea can last for as long as 5,000 years?”
He answered: “Boy, it sure seems that way sometimes.”

The late Paul Lynde was asked: “Do female frogs croak?”
He responded: “If you hold their little heads under water long enough.”

The Late Marty Allen was asked: “Can boys join the Camp Fire Girls?”
He fired back: “Only after lights out.” (Now the former Boy Scouts is another story entirely!)

The late Charley Weaver was asked: “Which of the five senses tends to diminish as you get older?”
He stated: “My sense of decency.”

Do women who date foot fetishists get more pedicures than other women?

Yet again, what part of the word “illegal” do some of you out there STILL not get?

What did Lex Luthor sing as he entered the Smallville Barber Shop? (Somebody shaaaave me!)

What will liberals and Democrats p*ss and moan about once President Trump leaves office in 2024?

Would you even notice if I failed to include pictures of lesbians here?

Did you ever notice that bankers and garbage men have the same days off?

Are you tired of these stupid questions yet? (Maybe not yet?)

“Ain’t It Or Am I?” (I don’t know.)

“Fear Or Loyalty?” (Again, I don’t know.)

“Wouldn’t You Like It?” (Yeah, I just might but don’t tell anyone.)

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