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in humor •  last year

This is perhaps what goes in a whale's mind every time a minnow hustles :)

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I can say , the amount of NEW users is amazing for the steemit platform.


@storcogato. The number of new joined is in 5 figures (over 10,000) across a week's time. Yes. the flood gates are opening 😊.

"most are asking for upvotes and follows" ---and not getting much in return


@franklynx The whales have only 10 upvote with them. Assuming they keep about 5 votes for themselves and their friends that leaves 5 upvote per day for minnows. Even if they give a percentage of it, say 5% voting, they can vote a maximum of 100 posts (20 upvote per vote X 5 votes ) and we have minnows arriving in thousands daily. The math doesn't match.

Very interesting way to present the facts.


@doctorjohn. This meme was in spur if the moment. I was unable to sleep and 2 AM in the morning, I just whipped out this meme, posted and slept. 😊

This is funny. I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on it, but it turns out it was great. Thank you for sharing.


@walkingkeys. Thanks for your appreciation. We minnows look up to, those warm words. Thanks again

Yeah that was good, there's a lot of hustling going on.


@dmud, yup. The best way is to put the head down, write a decent blog, and post at least one everyday. And don't bother about payout. Do this for 3 months and then you should be rolling !!!

This is great


@tylersr, thanks. Glad that you liked it. Keep steeming..

lol, I love how everyone is posting these now, hahaha. Nice one!


@acidyo, your kind words mean a lot to me.

That's the sort of encouragement, we minnows are always on the look out for.

I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Sometimes the best way to present facts to people is through humor. This was a great way of explaining that Steemit isn't going to work that same way as Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
I have only been here a month and some days I felt turned off because people just repost an article from somewhere else and ask for a follow and resteem. If someone likes your content, you don't have to ask for a resteem, if it is quality they will do it without you asking.


@nyozekii, you got it right brother. Just keep doing the good work. You will do great here 😊👍


@abhranil, thanks. Glad that you liked it.

Bwahahahahaha! This is so awesome! You've got it down perfectly!


@firepower. A big thank you to you. Your words mean a lot to me. I just tried to get across a message humorously. Hope there will be some converts. 😊