Never question GOD, or your wife, in that order, especially on your anniversary!

in humor •  last year 

On their anniversary, a man asked his wife why GOD made her so beautiful. She told him "That's easy, I am beautiful, so You would marry Me". Surprised, and taken aback by a direct response, that showed a lot of thought, he decided to ask; "Okay, then tell me why GOD made you so stupid". Without loosing a beat she said; "Honey, he made me stupid, so I would marry You"....

Never ask a question unless you know, you can handle the answer!

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I came for the punchline


We all know this couple, LOL!

i apologize from you for the late reply and ate resteeming, i could not log in to my account for many days and now i can

i have resteemed many of your blogs

i love you girl, you are now in level 36

good work

god bless you