Getting things done around here can be difficult....

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Getting things done around here is like the mating of Elephants! Nothing gets done without a lot of bellowing and trumpeting, everything important is done at the highest level, and it takes two years to get any results! Then the results are cute, but not much help, ROFLOL!

Image from Pixabay:


Here is the Baby Elephant Walk from the Movie Hatari:

Enjoy, but always remember how they got here, LOL!


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Haha.... you're funny. Yep, project planning can be like weird non romantic sex (trying to make the bits fit right) and results can take a looooong time! Enjoyed your perspective. 😊

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You got that right, project planning is NOT for the timid, LOL!

Comes from bleeding on a lot of projects! Too many with little or no authority. When I got to Engineering Manager level, I gave my guys authority, and blocked interference for them. We destroyed out largest competitor, with one Engineer, one contract Engineer, myself, and two Engineering Technicians. They had fourteen Engineers with about a dozen support people!

We averaged four patents a year, they did one in ten years. We had already filed their idea about 18 months before they filed, ROFLOL!