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Yesterday I read a short story by Philip K Dick. It was called “The Martian Anal Division”, and it was about a parallel version of our world in which everything is run by and for the benefit of small but cunning Martian invaders.

“They live in tiny spaceships which they insert into their subjects anal passages. From deep within human anuses they emit their instructions, which their followers hear as a voice in their anus telling them what to do. These people are known as the Martian Anal Division (MAD).

One of the key symptoms of people who are controlled by Martians up their arses is that they not only want to do what the Martians tell them to, but that they also want to force everyone else to do it as well. They often revert to the phrase “for the greater good”, and want to bring in “laws” in the hope that they can force other people to “conform” to the wishes of the voices in their arses.

In an attempt to get a better handle on controlling the non-MAD population, they introduce social engineering such as water fluoridation (make the population sick and obedient), vaccinations (make them sick and infertile), fear of “terrorism” (submit to more laws and surveillance), fear of various “global apocalypses” (submit to more restrictions and taxes), and wars (the ultimate control system)

They also direct everyone with an anal implant to watch more TV, where they can obsess over misinformation called “news”, listen to angry black men making guttural rhyming noises about hoes, yos, and bros, become jealous over the size of the breast implants of women who sing the things that the voices in their arses are saying, and enjoy watching stocky men in tight shorts battling each other over leather balls.

Luckily, for all their cunning, the Martians have some serious flaws in their evil plan. When they insert their micro spacecraft into their victim’s anal passages, it tends to block their elimination of waste matter. So their victims slowly fill up with shit.

Already pressurized to bursting point, when they are confronted by people who refuse to conform, they start to turn purple and run around in circles making squawking noises like a chicken having an epileptic fit. Sometimes the backed up gasses start to escape from their arse like a loud rumbling fart, while sometimes they just blow up like an American false flag terrorists bomb”

SIFT666 aka Ian Gregson from Wellington, New Zealand, is the world’s foremost authority on anal inserts and works full time as a professional science fiction writer.

In between writing best selling novels he is developing a new way to insert mind control devices into random stranger’s anuses without them being aware of it.

He is also developing a new website portal to rival Steemit called where he is testing out a new feature called “refrotting” that may revolutionise blogging and overcome any need to produce new content.

Apart from the image above, which is one of my own pictures, all the images on this post were either copied from my own image library which has about 20000 images randomly downloaded from the internet over the past 18 years, or I just found them now using Google image search -

If you would like to find other sources for any of them I highly recommend doing a reverse Google image search - just don’t be surprised if you find say 25 billion of them.

As to where any of them really originated from, I think the internet has been interbreeding for decades, and the idea that we can work out the original source for most images is an idealistic myth.

There are two sides to this position, but even as a person producing original art and photography myself, my opinion is that gate has long been open, and the horse has bolted. So that is why I’m not into going through the pretense of crediting the supposed original sources of all the images I use on my Steemit posts.

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