(Comedy Open Mic round 30) It certainly is at my place, but how did they know?

in humor •  2 months ago


Advertising executive fail or win?

They either didn’t think a great deal about this sign (in Yass), or they really did...?

The Golden Arches gets psychic about people’s bowel movements...

Somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney my ass is open for business.

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Someone totally let that slip through on purpose. :D


Haha! I know right! It would've been too hard to resist!

It's a win..we are tawkin bout it .


Indeed. A laughing win!

LOL!! This is so much better than some random meme... :-) But yeah, it's a win since they did get our attention...


Totally! A win and a giggle!

Uhhhh – I'm guessin' someone had a chuckle 'bout this when they planned this ridiculousness. ha!


I know right!
I wonder if it had already been some kind of an in joke within the local community over the years...?

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Erry time i see that i think its been done deliberately for a laugh.... there is no way to not see that , lolz. Doing another coastal run are ya mate ? you must be getting close to getting the next one free right ? lolz. hope you traveling well and not pushing yourself too hard on these runs, much love and copious hugs in your direction.


SOmething to giggle at so that people don't zombie out from driver-fatigue perhaps... Hehe...

Nah, just a pick I took on the way up from the second last coast trip before I saw you last. If I was driving through, I'd give you a holler, bro!

My ass...

😂 😂 😂

That's one advertisement gone seriously bad


Haha... Totally! But it certainly works to grab our attention and laughs! hehe

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That's very funny!


Bwahahahaha! Glad you found it funny, mate @snook..

The addition of the map, really makes this funnier that it has a right to be.

this is awesome funny, will throw a upvote into your latest post!