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Anyone else noticing the decline of STEEM account 'value'? Mine has gone down every day for 90 days+ from well over $1500 to just $225.18 now despite pouring every penny of daily "earnings" into powering up Up and "UP"....

Who all is laughing their way to the bank at all of our expense?

My account here is the perfect case study in the assessment of this platform as, unlike many others on here, I am not a professional blogger nor do I see results yielding more than a few 'Steemit pennies' from any single post despite toiling with visits every day for almost

I could post the most verbally cinematic next coming of War And Peace or 'Guide To The Universe' and it would only yield about $.06 (un-reflected in account "value")- not because of writing ability but b/c I am not in-tha-loop of whatever sketchie~maneuvers / scheme tactics are being orchestrated here.

I mean, we all see posts here every day like; 'My Visit To Cleveland...' immediately skyrocketing in $$$ for no rational or apparent reason.

Are you too convinced that Steemit TRUE "value" for the little guy (non-bots) will continue its downward spiral toward $0??

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I don't think you realize that those Posts that seem to Instantly earn all those Steem Dollars "are" more than likely "Bought and Paid For"... I check here and there to see if there's a Benefit in Paying for Up-Votes... I've been Experimenting with it... Keeping track as usual... lol... I think I'm getting close to the Breaking Even Point in a few days... I'll figure out exactly what good it does... I have noticed that my Reputation seems to be Adding Up faster than usual... I sure wouldn't mind a steady up-vote from one of the Whales who aren't charging for up-votes... I think I just got an idea for my next Post...


Amen brother pockets @pocketchange! You have proven to be a more diligent Steemit scholar than I but I am always driven to STEEM On and entertained by your thought provoking words . . . Rock On!


You're one in a Million...

Lol, War & Peace vs. Visit to Cleveland! Thanks for the chuckle. You're not alone, and yes, it's a little sad to see your wallet drain. But, we have generated good content and you may be able to "recycle" some of it on other platforms that pay as they are created.


Thank you sweet Denise @denisechips! Keep The Faith!
~ Always ~:O)

It's like the lottery got to be in it, if the price zooms up.