Detroit Bound Greyhound Bus Strikes Tree and Rolls Over

in humor •  14 days ago

Detroit Bound Greyhound Bus Strikes Tree and Rolls Over: It’s being reported that an overnight Greyhound bus - traveling from Cincinnati to Detroit went off the road, struck a tree and then rolled over into a field - yet luckily, no one was killed or seriously injured. OK, but let’s be honest here folks - if you ever find yourself taking a Greyhound Bus from Cincinnati to Detroit in the middle of the night, isn’t your life pretty much over anyway?
Grayhound Bus.jpg
Many Food Establishments Don’t Want Trump Endorsement: A recent report in the Washington Post found that presidential endorsements of things such as food items no longer carry the prestige they once had as many establishments don’t wish to be associated with the Trump presidency. On the other hand, unless they’re serving things like burnt meat with ketchup and mustard slopped all over them, I would assume most restaurants have very little to worry about.
Fast Food.jpg
FDA Approves Novel Treatment for Depression’s Hardest Cases: The Food and Drug Administration has just approved a novel nasal spray antidepressant for people with depression that does not respond to other treatments. Terrific - in that case, perhaps I'd better send my accountant about a case of the stuff.

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