Christian TV Host Calls Mass Shootings Deep State Plot to Block Worship

in humor •  15 days ago 

Chris McDonald1.jpg
Christian TV Host Calls Mass Shootings Deep State Plot to Block Worship: Right-wing Christian TV host and conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald told viewers and parishioners that the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton occurred - because of a “pure evil.” He then went on to explain how people are being used as pawns in an elite, deep state plot to control this country by taking away our guns and therefore, our freedom to worship God.

Now, in all fairness, Reverend McDonald does have a valid point about the "deep state” plotting to confiscate guns in order to prevent worship. I mean, just how the hell is someone supposed to worship God without a gun? That just wouldn’t make any sense.

Got it, but then my question is - if the "deep state" is really all that concerned about stopping people from worshiping Jesus, then why not target actual churches instead places like El Paso Walmarts and hipster bars over in Dayton, Ohio?

Anyway, all of that aside, I do have to admit that I’m frankly kind of relieved to learn that it’s actually “pure evil” which is to blame for all of this. I mean, I’d really hate to think that actual people could be responsible for such horrible atrocities.

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