"Fanciful Prose"

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When walking through the park,

I had an idea
For some “Fanciful Prose”;
If a man has an open mind, he might allow his brain to
Fall out, which would then leave his
Thoughts exposed.
One might think that this would leave him feeling
Temporarily Indisposed,
But then if he were to step through a warp to
Before he had opened his mind, why then he would be
“Temporally” indisposed instead.
So why, you wonder,
Should such a folly I propose?
With my brain fallen
It is difficult I find,
My thoughts to compose.
I fear
My sense of humor has gotten be best of me…
I suppose.

“Fanciful Prose”

Jerry E Smith
Fixing Myself

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An entertaining bit of prose that made me smile.

Curated to writing-curation in @c-squared on Discord

Thanks, I'm glad I was able to 'tickle your funny bone' @momzillanc