Whiney Wednesday.... Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

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Don't park here ! Don't park there ! Can't you read the signs??

Today's whine is about signs, parking signs, a lot of then, at the grocery store........ so many good causes, yet, what about your other good customers??


First my disclaimer, before you decide to thump me, I have a heart for all these parking reasons, but it just seems to be getting out of hand some places. Come on ! Wheeeerrre does it stop??

We all expect a number of the closest parking places to be for the handicapped. I agree it's a good thing, although I frequently see people with plackets on their mirrors that open their doors and bound merrily into the store with no issues. Many people use handicapped family members signs when that family member is not with them, but that's another story. :) So, of course we have a good number of these to begin with as expected.


Then, if you are a Vet (thank you for your service, I love you)... here's some for you !


How about if you have some children? I'm not sure about this one, but ok. Maybe I could take my neighbor's kids with me next time. Or course I would buy them candy, why else would they go with me???? LOL... but still, we could park close.

with kids sign.jpg

Maybe you ordered your groceries online and you just need to pick them up ! I personally like to whim shop. I take a list of things I need (that Alexa prepared for me as I shouted out what I wanted as I went through the house)... but I like to walk around and see what is new that I might like to try, so it would take some of the fun out of it to just call it in. Of course there are close spaces reserved now for that too.

to go sign.jpg

I do mean that, even though only one each shows above, there are multiple of all of these.

multiple to go signs.jpg

Maybe you just need to dash in ! I hope you don't get a slow cashier !

10 minut sign.jpg

Maybe you could park in the 15 minute space for your 10 minute mad dash, just in case. LOL

10 minute sign.jpg

Really ! I'm a good customer !.... and I get to park in the boonies. On a nice warm day it is not a huge deal, but I have been at these places when it was drizzely or really cold and these spaces were empty !

What ?!?! That sometimes makes me growl... Grrrrrrrrr

Thanks ! Now I have that out of my system.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday.

Love you !

Mean it !


Blast From The Past ! Signs



You have a lot of parking signs, I don't think we have gone that mad yet in Alaska, just the handicap signs. We almost always park in the boonies, just to get that little extra walk, but yeah in the winter we like to be close to the doors, it is not easy pulling and pushing those loaded shopping carts through all the snow and ice ruts and holes. It is really bad during break up, but most of the time even if it is raining and it is not winter we park in the boonies.

I do understand trying to accommodate certain people, but it truly is a little mad how some places have chosen to have so many. There are plenty of elderly that are not handicapped, but not extra spry and folks that have temporary injuries and you know, more other issues that could cause one to need to not park far away.

Hadn't thought about needing to manage a rolling cart in places that have lots of snow. I can only imagine that challenge.

Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment for me. :)

Wow we dont have all of those. I think out store is too cheap to spend the money for them!

Many people use handicapped family members signs when that family member is not with them

I think that is way too much bad karma for me to ever do that! Yikes!

Somehow, the thought of Karma doesn't seem to slow lots of folks down.

Hadn't thought about how much money it costs them to install all these signs.

Use too only a store or two offered to let you order online, drive up and have someone load them into your car for you, but now it seems all of the grocery stores are doing it, so they have to make space for it. I am sort of curious how many people are using it. I can see it would be great for handicap, moms with too many children to herd around the store and people in a hurry that want to pick up some groceries on the way home. Haven't checked since they all started doing it, but at one time, one store only charged 5 extra dollars for the service.

Howdy jacey.boldart! I agree, it's getting ridiculous out there! And this is a great post to demonstrate all the different ones, great job.

The handicap ones are the worse. I mean they are the most important but like you said, constantly abused by family members, I've rarely seen an actual handicap person use them, they're always someone who jumps out of the car like you said!

"Today's whine." Does that mean you have a daily whine? lol.

I always like it when people agree with me....LOL !!!

I don't whine every day, but I started three weeks ago and have done a Whiney Wednesday post each week, although I was late last week and it posted on Thursday... .ha ha You know, for those things that annoy me, but in the grand scheme of life aren't really devastating ! I just thought it would be fun.... and humorous.

Howdy today jacey.boldart! Oh I get it. Yeah I like that idea of having a Whiney Wednesday, shouldn't be a lack of things to complain about or people to complain about!