Whiney Wednesday On Thursday..... OOPS !! :) ~2 Little Whines

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Yesterday I knew it was Wednesday and Whiney Wednesday should go up. I thought I was going to do it and then... I don't know.... it just didn't happen. Isn't it awful when you don't have a good excuse for yourself and there is nobody else to blame ?? I HATE when that happens. LOL

So today's first little whine I suppose is a minor annoyance and most people probably aren't bothered, but it irks me so I'm tellin it!

Some of the groceries stores (food markets) here have started having an employee who lurks in the area behind the checkouts, walking up and down and telling people they can go to another line.... after they have already chosen one. Well.... I have been picking my own checkout line for many years and I feel quite capable of choosing one by myself. A time or two I was a sheep and went where they pointed, but that didn't last long. Now I say "no thank you, I like where I am"..... and dismiss them. For some reason some of them seem annoyed, but I don't care. They annoy me, I annoy them back. It seems fair.... right?

Why that irks me, I cannot really say, but it does and I refuse to go along anymore !

It's ok to laugh !

Whiney Wed on Thurs Oops.png

The second one is this ! Below is a photo of an insert that was in the box my new medication came in. What ??!!?? My doctor of course had told me about the med and I had also goog'd around about it, reviews and all of that before I ever got it, so fortunately I wasn't dependent on finding out any details about it using this !


This insert was triplequadipple folded to fit in the box, but when unfolded, was a 13 X 40.... yes.... 40 inch paper with the teeeeniestweeeeeniest type on it you ever saw. I would really hate to think this would be the only way I could educate myself of this stuff. I guess this is working for them though, because it is probably full of more disclaimers than a stadium full of lawyers could think up... ifs... ands... .and buts..... that covers everybody's @$$es that had any part of creating or marketing it if something goes wrong.


Why am I posting another photo of the same thing you ask? Well, this is the back ! sigh I know


There you have it, my 2nd Whiney Wednesday, posted whinely on Thursday.

Hope you are all doing well.

Love you !




Now that is funny right there. The poor grocery people are only trying to do their job! Be sure to check out Denise made a market Friday community and a flower community.


I think the grocery store position is a waste of their money. Who goes to the grocery store and gets stuck cause they can't decide what line to get in???

I saw something that said something like "always a flower" and I wondered if that was her. I also thought somebody else I followed had something, but when you click on communities, there are so many and there is no order to them. I got tired of scrolling and quit.

I didn't know if you could go look or if you had to join to see what was going on. I guess I'll figure all that out later.

Join to post. Should be able to look around