My First Whiny Wednesday..... Ruined By Good Fortune

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I had an idea that I might like to have a Whiny Wednesday thang. In it I could whine (and so could you if you please) about anything. Mostly things that in the grand scheme of real life, were not really important or serious.

To start the silliness off, since it is almost Valentines, I was going to whine about how my favorite candy hearts were nowhere to be found !

When i was growing up my favorite conversation heart candy was put out by Stark Necco called Sweethearts. They were awesome multicolored candy hearts with tiny sayings on them. Every year before Valentine's Day they would appear and I would happily eat lots of them... .even as an adult.

A couple of years ago the company that made them went bankrupt and another company acquired the rights and recipes, but they have had a hard time getting them back out. Anyway, the point is, I could not find them anywhere this year and I was really miffed about it (ha ha)

Brach's has a lot of them in every store, but their's taste YUCKY!!


So I was going to come here and whine about it a little.

THEN .... last night I was at Walgreens looking through the Valentine candies with the notion I would find a little something to take and share at work on Friday. All of the sudden, on the bottom shelf, I saw this box of.... what?... is that?? can it be ??.... Little boxes for Sweethearts !


I wasn't sure ! I had my doubts, then I looked for the name of the company on the side of the box and.... SPANGLER ! IT WAS ! IT WAS SPANGLER CANDY CO !!...the company that had bought the Sweethearts brand !

Of course you know I bought an entire box of boxes just in case I never get anymore the rest of my life. giggle

Even at that, I decided while I was working today that I would go back and buy all that were left, maybe even check in another Walgreens on the way home.... and guess what? There were none in the other Walgreens AND.... none left where I bought them last night! Some other fan must have found them like I did and cleaned them out !

As you can see, my whiny post can't be as whiny now since I have quite a few little boxes of them on my table right now.... my stash !

I'm the luckiest girl finding that pot of Valentine's gold last night.

But I'll be back another Wednesday with something else silly to whine about soon enough. :)

Feel free to have a silly whine in my comments or Make a whiny post and come leave me a link so I can come see.

Hope you are doing well and that your hearts are happy.

Love you !




Whiny Wednesday?? I love the idea!! LOL. I would have tons of things to whine about! XD
And lol you bought a box full of boxes? Damn addict! I've never had them. Never seen that in here... They must taste good that it was sold out!

ha ha... I AM an addict.... a sugar addict !

Well don't hold back ! Get to whining !! LOL !

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment.

Too late for that now! Will do next wednesday and hopefully I don't forget it hahaha gonna schedule it in my planner. :P

I can't wait to see it ! :)

You hid all the little messages on the candies, why? Why oh why would someone do that? What if I want to pick a specific candied message? how would I do that? I mean I can't very well go in and turn them all over looking for that special message. Why would someone be so cruel as to hide all those sweet little messages Someone needs to report you to the censor police for censoring the messages of those sweet little candies. I bet you ate all the good messages and only left the half way good messages.

Okay whine done.

But really where are the messages? are those fake sweethearts candies? I bet they are the knock-off brand from walmart and have no messages on the other side.

All done, I feel better now.

That was great !!!

Believe it or not, even though the candy is the same, there are no messages ! I did not do that on purpose. I read something that said they were still working on the perfection of getting them just like before. In this case, only the photo on the boxes had messages. Pretty lame right ?.... But some without messages are better than none !

Well... at least to me it is. LOL....

Glad you got that out of your system !! :)

I love the Whiny Wednesday thang. I will have to plan on it for next Wednesday!! Brilliant idea. That is funny that they didnt put the messages on! You got to remind me for next Wednesday! I think it is a winner!

Thank you ! It sounded fun to me. :)

It is funny that there are no messages. I wonder if they bought the recipe, but somehow didn't get the rights or the equipment for printing. I'm sure it would be a good story to hear. I'm thinking about going to their website and seeing if there is a contact option and if so, thank them for putting them out and asking why they don't say nothing ! LOL !!!

Can't wait to read your whinyness. :)

Thanks for coming over and leaving me a comment.

I remember those candies fondly as well. All the popular kids got them in their cards, lol.

Picture Rabbit from Whiny the Pooh

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I think I mostly like them now because they remind me of my childhood. It's hard to stop loving those things that whisk you back to the good old days. :)

Whiny the Pooh ~ snicker ~

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