Dont ring the Bell !! 🔔🔔🔕

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Growing up I seen in movies where bells was used for getting people's attention ....

When my grandparents retired we stayed the summers with them ...
And Grandpa put this Bell up . He had a love for bells , me and my mom share in his liking!


So this particular summer my little cousin was visiting for the weekend , and he went out and rang and rang the bell!! 🔔🔔🔔🔔

Grandpa grew up in the country where they moved back to and built a house ...
So the nieghbors was well known around and when they heard the ringing of the bell continuing to ring they came in a hurry to grandpas house thinking something had gone wrong .
Grandpa went a running outta the house hearing the ringing again and again of his bell ...
And... the nieghbors pulled in ....
And the little cousin caught red handed sounding alarm and didn't even know he was rounding up the nieghbors.
That was a lesson well learnt !! Grandpa made sure everyone knew after that don't ring a bell in the country again and again . It's a way of calling for help!
We never got to ring it just once , just to hear it ring after that .
Bells has been, and still are apart of life today, in the cities towns an country sides.
🔥. 🏫. ⛪. 🕰️
Fire alarms , school bells , church bells , chiming of the time. Always a sound calling people to attention.
A little humor ... And an introduction to a series called.. Grandpa, tell us about them good ole days!

At five years old Grandpa went to school and there was a school bell . Being small he couldn't reach the pull string and cause any mischief.
One day the older kids picked him up and let him ring the bell . They then sat him down and ran away leaving him alone.
When the teacher came to see who it had been , ...... there sat a little five year old who wasn't tall enough to reach the string !!
You can imagine the teachers wonderment. 🔔

So I guess it could be said it runs in the family