Stop Male Objectification! We are More than just Penises With Bodies Attached (sarcastic humor)

in humor •  2 years ago

Women need to respect men for more than their bodies and stop oogling them in public. We are more than just a peice of meat!

It is becoming impossible now for men to be taken seriously unless they are fully ripped and wearing scad clothing.

I mean look at this display. It is setting men back a thousand year and ruining body images for millions of young boys everywhere.

Even using public transportation, we are harassed with objectified stares at our bulges... Ladies, eyes up here please!

Remember, us men have more going for us than our moobs and baloney pony's. We have thoughts and feelings too! The next time you are talking to one of us guys, remember to keep your eyes off our clam hammers and directed at our faces, we respect that.

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So funny i could not resteem but put it on fb lol to funny