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in #humor3 years ago

I wonder silly things sometimes... like .. how many graveyards are on roads that say "dead end"?

I always hear people say "don't eat before you swim", but then I also always hear people say "I have to eat and run..". Is there something in the water that likes the taste of food on your lips?

I used to want to meet a Titanic survivor, but sadly I didn't know how to break the ice.

People sometimes say "hey! I paid good money for that!". And then they say "don't throw good money after bad". Question 1) What should you throw bad money after? Question 2) If money is the root of all evil, isn't "good money" an oxymoron?

Why do people tell me to "talk to the hand"? And .. I never figure out if they mean the little or big one. Besides, most people use digital watches anyway right? I'm so confused!


Should throw the money in the air and live young , wild and free 😂