My Puns (Part 1 of too many)steemCreated with Sketch.

in #humor2 years ago

This is a new series I'm starting with a practical purpose. I've made a lot of off the wall play on words over the years and would love to store them permanently on the block chain for posterity. For now I'll do 5 or so in each part.

If Batman was scared of bats.. what was the Pizza Man scared of??

Tip of the day: If the day had a tip... midnight would be the 'tip of the day'...

Hugs are better than drugs, and hugs are better than thugs. Hugs are good on rugs while holding coffee mugs.

I try to raise the roof..but the roof don't move! What persistence of resistance!

I'm always so curious.. and .. the proof is in the pudding... That's why I'm always craving the stuff!

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