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I was browsing the social media platform everyone is using the other day.

I came across a post talking about how farmers are not getting the credit they deserve. The post presented a very dark oppression that these poor farmers are going through.

It details how hard the process of planting and harvesting rice only to be sold for a very cheap amount, and how big corporations are taking advantage of it. It tells a narrative of how farmers suffered, some getting killed while protesting, some getting sick, some can’t feed their children in photographs.

It toyed with my emotions.

Empathy was amplified by anger and rage. It made my face red. My wife was saying something to me, and I did not even bothered to listen to her.

“Is this what the society wants? Oppression?” I said to myself.

Then I scrolled down and saw a series of posts with cute little dogs and kittens.

I was not angry anymore.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay

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