The way to the success: Always keep the humility

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All once in our lives we want success, but when we got that goal, often don't know how to control it.

The road to the success, many times, is marked by tripping, difficulties, that one goes finding in said road, more beyond of that, us forget of how arrived there, and who us helped to get to the objective, now, get to the objective that as person us have raised, not means, that your friend or friend, already are in a species top, because your did the success and others not as well as reaching success, we can have a failure, that will make us return to our starting point. 

Most of the people who come to success, tend to feel, better that others, and the question that I do, where am I that humility?, that humility which allowed you to move forward, grow personally and in terms of work, is something that we should really learn, and rating those people, who supported us, who were with us in the good and the bad , i.e., that us motivated, so we come to our dreams and goals. 

The value of friendship, we must understand it in all sense of the word, not only should interest us those who helped us in our time, when these in that way, friends are good and very kind with us, but perhaps it not deserve the same attention on your part, when you are at the top, are you willing to give up , those that you helped, think that that, would be an act quite petty, because capable, without the support emotional, of those people, not had accomplished absolutely nothing, that passes if you fall of that top, and looking for the helps of those friends that abandoned when came to the success, you think that you will want to help again, possibly not. 

The humility, is a Word so simple, but that to many you costs have it, is us forget so many things, that us have led to where are, is us forget thank them to those friends, that were with us, because is very difficult in our world current, find real friendships, and there are people that them have, and not know rating it, is can say of any way that they are an endangered species, so let us keep ahead of all else, humility, humility keeps us in reality, and not create a world of fantasies, as it often happens when you get to the success. 

So reflect, and demos us has, of that not will achieve nothing, but have the humility required, to achieve all what us propose in our lives, and again e insist with this, value to our friendships true, which them have sit is privileged, of count with people, that really van to allow that your grow as person, for many not is necessary , but I tell them, I think that for me if it is, I when I have fallen, I have had the opportunity to tell people who have helped me a lot, and have a love that deep, but of course, it is matter of each of us. 

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Very nice post Luis 😉
Upvoted and followed!


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Great , I for one tend to think that you should always respect people, at least the first time and you should be true and honest to the people that deserve it, if you can be honest with everybody ,great, but some people can't handle that.

And get a feel for people , that's the most important part. You can "smell" liars and schemers , if you know how they tend to work ,so get educated and have some falls, only to get back up again :) [email protected] !

following now , you tend to write well , hope we can grow together :) and clear the way for other people !

Thanks for your comment

Nice work @luiscv34!

Thanks, friend