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LunasChild8 has done it again. Mesmerizing one with such beautiful writing.

There is so much truth to this beautiful peace by LunasChild8 and it is spot on. She goes on to speak about the lack of communication and how technology, in a way has changed our form of being.

Some people say technology has made humans lazy and brought us to become out of tune with civilization in many ways as well as with ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this mi gente?

We all read things in our own way so please share with me your perception on this poem and what it means to you.


Something that has brought us together throughout the years
Something that has allowed civilizations to rise from their primitive beginning
A gift that only we humans possess and are ungrateful for
The ability to write and speak the words that will forever be retained within the worn pages of a book
We are a sociable species, even those of us who claim to be anti-social
The average woman speaks 20,000 words a day; the average man, only 7,000
Being quiet is not a crime; some people are just better listeners
Yet the true crime is what anyone can see by walking down the streets of any city in the 21st century
You may also be a participator of this horrific trend
We have lost our ability to communicate; instead we rely on texts using a rapidly disintegrating vocabulary
Instead of conversing face to face, people prefer to remain anonymous even if they are in the same room
I am an old soul trapped in the confines of a people that is slowing losing their humanity
Most people do not even answer their phone calls, but they are quick to reply to a text
What happened to our gift of #communication?

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