# Try to understand before Insaniat Neither the truth and the reversal of humanity Do not understand the strategy

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Try to understand before imaniyat and Insaniat
Neither the truth and the reversal of humanity
Do not understand the strategy. Without the conditions of belief
Can not be a member or organization of believers
If you believe in Insane, the conditions of insanity
If anybody becomes a member of the Insaniyat
Both levels of life are in Immaniyat and Insaniyat
Otherwise, the world of faith and the world and the faithful relationship
And innate relationships are not a matter of layering differences
There is no necessity to work in two stages, and it is true
The life and the world are gone by extinction of humanity and lies
The holder of the oppressed will go to the power of power and
Has gone.
Keeping the principles ideal and working with everyone
Quran and Karim and Hadith Sharif's instructions and
The eternal ideal of our Awlia karmas
Faithful organizations and humanity with believers
Humanity's release of all the people of faith
The state of humanity in the state khilafat Insaniyat
World humanity organization aimed at
In the name of Islam, the way back to Islam is the way back
Can not be done and with the opposite of Islam
Can not be allocated, in the name of Insaniyat
Insanity support the opposite
Unity of Anti Insaniat Shakti
Can not go Support the reverse section with the mainstream
Betrayal and destructive
We are ideologically against the rejected doctrine
Fight academic, love all people
All of them are canceled from the oppressive power of the oppressed
Work for the rescue, the principle of truth and humanity
Keeping the ideal, we have different levels of work
It is not possible to understand it with a hostile mind.
A doctor or figure teacher or pilot or
The manager may be Muslim non-Muslim everyone but
The mosque imam or priest can be anyone
No, the mosque and the market or the house is no more
The road masala is not one, but all the walkways
There are specific policy rules that violate the practices
Can not go Thus, different sections of life and their
There are several levels of work that do not make any comment
Not knowledgeable.
All of this will be read, and everyone will read it
Share the people.
Thanks Wa Salam,
copy from Allama Raihan Rahbar


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