That's how I died again

in #humanitylast year

I stuffed the pebbles in my pockets and dropped myself into the water. This is how I died in a deep and dark eternity.
I chose my killers with care. I chose the sharpest, most rebellious, darkest stones I could find and filled all my pockets with them. I should have zeroed in on the chances of a comeback. If I chose the bright ones who are in love with the sunlight, one day they would want to get rid of this misery.
Just like me...


This path to the goal was paved with carefully selected benevolent stones, or that's how the story began long, long ago. Later, the storytellers succumbed to time and tried to shorten the story and come to the point as soon as possible. Of course there was a price, always paid. Even in fairy tales, the costs were inevitable.
Paid but with nothing at hand.

This is the first time they sold souls to the devil like this.

It was never easy to walk on the road.
The storytellers first smeared a lie on his tongue, and then they found suitable covers for their lies. Their arrogance grew so much that they shamelessly named the lies they fabricated as hope. However, hopes were polluted in their language, but they didn't care.
It was a game that was determined before and after, but they walked around proudly as if they had won it properly.
After a while, nothing else mattered anyway, the only thing that mattered was sleep. At the end of the day, even if it was fake, they fell asleep peacefully.

That's why I couldn't stuff those shiny pebbles in my pockets. Knowing that it was a lie, I would want to go out to the sun for a handful of peace. This is how I wrote the first fairy tale that didn't have a happy ending...

It was a long, long time ago...
Our steps were passing through the times when the degenerates were constantly multiplying their lineage.
Humanity was lying to itself in the mirrored hell chambers.
There were those who missed the feelings hidden in the forgotten tales, but they never knew what was missing in their souls.
Lacks take over madness, madness takes over worry, worries take over dreams
There was nothing left to do, they had to decide on the possible.
To start all over
They summoned majestic giants burning with vengeance, who would crush this age under their feet.
They were tiny pebbles, huge rocks falling on top of humanity, for giants
They called the end with tiny pebbles in their pockets...

That's how I died again, I died, I was forgotten in a deep and dark eternity.

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